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Cheque or check in American English is a document or mode of payment from a bank account. Writing checks is still a standard way of banking especially when you do the business transaction. The best way to order checks if you have no extra check books left is online. You can order Bank of America checks online or you can look out for the nearest BOA branch addresses and directly visit there and get yourself a Check book.

If you are wondering how do you order new check book online, I will try to explain everything to clear your confusions on that.

  • First thing first, sign in to your Bank of America account online.
  • Go to Help & Support page.
  • Click Checking & Saving accounts.
  • Now select the Order checks or deposit slips/Review order status.

You cannot order checks or perform any transactions if you are not a online banking customer yet. Visiting one of the BOA branches, online order are the two best ways to order BOA checks or you can give a call at these numbers of Customer care service:

1.800.652.1111 (Personal accounts)
1.800.234.6147 (Small Business accounts)

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Talking about the cost of check book for Bank of America, it depends on your account type, the amount and type of checks that you ordered and others. Your amount will be deducted from your account or if you want to pay the other way, then you can do it too. Log in to your account. It is very secure. Bank of America’s official website uses latest encryption techniques so it is very hard for the hackers and crackers to get in to your account.

Personally, I prefer order checks online. It is time saving and on top of all, no extra parking charges or transportation cost. I am very hopeful that you find this article useful. I would love to help you with other log in sites in near future if you want.

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