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The Bank of America Corporation is the second largest bank holding company in the United States by assets with multinational banking and financial services. The Corporation’s headquarter is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. As giving the general information about this bank, it is third largest non-oil company in U.S. and fifth largest company in United States by total revenue from the data collected from 2010. The bank acquired Merill Lynch in 2008 making it the world’s largest wealth management corporation and a major player in investing funds. BOA (Bank of America) is providing its services over all 50 states in U.S. and more than 40 countries around the globe. The bank have more than 57 million consumers getting services from around 5,600 banking centers and 16,200 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

Bank of America Website

As you can know from above information that the Bank of America is one of the worlds’s largest bank and this bank also follow the footstep of evolving technology. American bank is giving its services to the customers through online. We can visit the bank of America official website by browsing the web address When we enter this website, we reach to the homepage providing different menu sections, login area for customers, some web advertisements and news concerning bank’s new policies and offers. This website can be viewed in two different languages: English and Spanish provided this bank operates around the world. As the website of such a large company with long history, multiple services and huge no. of customers, this website manages different services under different menu topics.

The website of bank of America is facilitated with login system for the consumers where you should provide your online id with your account location. The customers logged in to its system for accessing all the features and online services provided by the bank. The online banking motto of this bank is “Safe. Simple. Streamlined.” giving secure account access with small business online banking. The online services given by the bank includes secure, easy and real-time access to your account, can view checks and deposits online, automatic alerts service which gives information about any changes and updates to your account, online bill payments and transfers and many more. The additional online banking services include account management, payroll services by Intuit, remote deposits online and direct payments.

In this website, other menus include Bank, Borrow, Invest, Protect and Learn. When you take the mouse cursor over this menu item, the drop down menu is seen with more menu tabs where you can click to see the information regarding them. In top right of the webpage you can see the menu items like Personal, Small Business, Wealth Management, Businesses & Institutions and About Us. When we click these menus it takes us to another page giving information on those topics. In About us, we can reach to another colorful webpage with fair information about the story of the bank, its global impact, local partners, newsroom, and its relationship with investors and careers which can be achieved by persons. The website is full of information regarding the services of bank like online banking services, loan services, history of bank, news regarding special and new offers, credit services and you can also learn about budgeting and saving, managing credit, home buying, privacy statements that should be agreed between bank and customers.



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Bank of America Login