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Lost your Bank of America Card?

Credit card, generally is a payment card issued by a bank as a mode of payment. Every customer carry around their debit card and card card in their wallet. Cards might get lost, it can get stolen. These are the matter of concerns these days. That is why Bank of America came up with a solution. BOA will help you minimize the risks of your financial loss, credit card fraud and identity theft.

You can report for a Bank of America lost card at these numbers:

1-800-732-9194 if you are calling from inside U.S.

1-757-677-4701 if you are calling from outside U.S.


Your card will be cancelled immediately after you give a call to any of these numbers. Bank of America will issue a new card as a replacement in no time. You can get the additional information about credit and debit card security tips from this link.

Always sign in your cards immediately for extra security of your debit and credit cards. Check your financial statements frequently online. You can use online or mobile banking for that. It is better you switch from paper statements to online banking. Online Banking is safer and more secure. Checks are secure because keeps the digital copy of the check.

BOA lost card is not the only problem, there are lots of threats and frauds techniques you must be careful about while you visit Bank of America Website. You can add a photo security to your card. Adding a photo in front of your Bank of America debit and credit card prevent fraud. Bank of America uses latest technologies and tools verified by MasterCard source code and Visa to protect your debit and credit cards from frauds and being hacked.

Debit and Credit card security is a very serious issue. So make sure you do the right thing from your side to protect your financial resources. If you still have any questions about the card security, go to Contact Us section.

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