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The Society For Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication(SWIFT) is an interface software which enables financial organizations all across the globe to send and receive information about financial transactions in the most secure, easy and reliable manner. It consists of 8 or 11 characters which consists:

4 letters for bank code, 2 letters for country code, 2 letter for location code and rest of the 3 letters for branch code.

The members of SWIFT includes banks, brokers and investors. If you looking for Bank of America SWIFT code, then the best way to find out is to visit the official website of BoA. Bank of America’s swift code for US$ dominated wires is BOFAUS3N. The SWIFT code for wires sent in foreign currency to BOA in the United States is BOFAUS6S. Here are some of the BIC code for different branches around different cities and countries of BOA are :

BOFAGB22CLS : London, UK

AECEESM1 : Madrid, Spain

BOFAIE3XEQU : Dublin, Ireland

BOFAIE3XGDS : Dubilin, Ireland

BOFAIT2XMIL : Milan, Italy

BOFAUS3D : New York, U.S.

BOFAUS3DCRD : Charlotte, U.S.

BOFAUS3M : Miami, Florida U.S.

BOFAUS6H : San Fransisco, U.S.

These are just some of the SWIFT codes of BOA. For the long lists, visit I hope this clears the problem for swift codes. If you want any support regarding the account or anything, then click Help. You will get solutions to your problem anytime.

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